Tips to Stop Unwanted Pests From Entering the Home

At times, pests can feel unstoppable. You chase them out of your Amesbury home only to see them come right back, keeping the frustrating cycle going indefinitely. But what if we told you that there was a way to stop them from getting inside at all? Keep reading to find out more!

What is Perimeter Pest Control?

As its name would suggest, perimeter pest control is a process by which you guard your home’s exterior and entry points against pests. Typically, this involves the strategic application of pesticides or other insecticide sprays. And while that’s an integral part of a perimeter pest control plan the way we think about it, adding a few tricks both inside and outside your house can go a long way. Some of our favorites include:woman cleaning kitchen counter

Eliminate Food Sources

By and large, bugs come into your Amesbury home searching for food. From improperly-stored dry goods to loose fruits and vegetables and trash that’s just been hanging out a bit too long, your foodstuffs are practically irresistible to household pests. Ants, roaches, and even rodents love our kitchens but taking a few basic precautions can convince them to go elsewhere. Try investing in high-quality food storage containers, altering your fruit and vegetable storage, regularly taking out the trash, and storing it in proper containers.

Control Moisture Levels

Cockroaches, earwigs, centipedes, crickets, and silverfish, to name a few, all love moisture. It follows then that limiting moisture levels in your home, particularly in vulnerable areas like your basement, will serve to make your home unappealing to a wide variety of pests. How should you do this, though? Simple! We recommend adding a reliable dehumidifier wherever you’ve noticed pest activity in your home.

Remove Entry Points

For the most part, pests come in and out of the Amesbury home just like we do – they use the door! Or, more specifically, they exploit tiny gaps in between the door and its frame to come in unopposed. In addition, gaps in your window frames rips in screens, and even cracks in your foundation can provide pests with easy ways to sneak into your home. Fortunately, though, a quality home inspection can identify all of these problems, allowing you to fix them quickly. That’s precisely why we recommend hiring a dependable home inspector in Amesbury today!

Use an Insecticide Spray

Applying either a high-quality chemical insecticide or a homemade chemical-free alternative to your home’s exterior and the edge of your yard can be one of the most effective ways to keep a pest-free home. Done correctly and strategically deployed, they’ll form an invisible barrier around your Amesbury property, over which bugs won’t be able to cross! Whatever you use, though, be sure to follow the instructions and reapply as needed carefully.tree pruning

Prune Your Trees and Shrubs

When their branches come into contact with or even get too close to your home’s exterior, ornamental plants can act like bridges which allow bugs easy access to your home. If keeping a pest-free home is your goal, we recommend leaving at least one foot of space between your home’s siding and any plants. Don’t worry, though, because when you follow proper pruning techniques, you aren’t only helping to prevent infestations. You’re setting your ornamentals up for success!

Keep Your Amesbury Yard Clean

Keeping a clean lawn and yard outside the home can actually pay serious dividends in preventing pest infestations. This is because pests often use your lawn as a highway straight to your front door. Keeping your yard free of debris like leaf litter, twigs, grass clippings, and thatch will deprive bugs of a safe place to hide from predators, overwinter, and reproduce. If you don’t have the extra hours in the day to maintain your lawn, though, a quality lawn care plan can be a big help.

Get a Perimeter Pest Control Plan From the Professionals at Sea of Green Lawn Care, LLC

Adding a professional perimeter pest control plan to your DIY approach can form an unstoppable one-two-punch against which even the most stubborn pests will be powerless. Here at Sea of Green Lawn Care, LLC, our perimeter pest control in Amesbury is designed to keep both your home and yard pest-free, using eco-friendly methods that you can count on to get the job done. Life is busy, unpredictable, and often just plain crazy. So don’t go it alone when it comes to keeping bugs out of your home, and enlist help from the very best!  

To schedule your first perimeter pest control service today, fill out our online form or give us a call at 978-465-8788.

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