Do You Know Which Bugs Are Trying To Get Into Your Home?

Bugs aren’t a friend to anyone – except maybe to each other. But when the summer months hit, it is tough to continuously have to deal with the pests that are trying desperately to get into your home. If you have ever dealt with centipedes, cockroaches, or spiders, you know that it can be a terrifying thought that follows – Do I have a pest problem?centipede

Most of the time, these bugs aren’t trying to bother you – but they are focused on rather what is in your home that attracts them to it. For example, left out food, overflown trash, doors that are left open too long… All of these can be contributing factors when trying to determine why pests are targeting your home.

Follow along to learn which pests are trying to get into your home.

Centipedes and Millipedes

It is safe to say that we all know centipedes are pretty harmless to humans unless they end up biting you. However, most of us freak out and keep our distance before that ever happens. It is important to watch out for their bites when trying to remove them from your home – whether you are going to kill them or remove them humanely if they sense a threat, they might bite you. It is important to note that your children and pets are more likely at risk for being bitten by a centipede than you are – pets may try to attack them, and kids may find them interesting and try to play with them. The best way to treat these pests (if you can find them) is to apply an insect control treatment everywhere and anywhere that they might be.

And then we have millipedes – which are not so different from centipedes. They are a little less scary at first sight, but unfortunately, they tend to travel in packs – so if you see one, there is definitely more to come. The good thing about these ones is that they aren’t really harmful at all; instead, they are pretty helpful for your gardens. But they tend to lose their way and find themselves in your home.

Ants and Cockroaches

These are the most common household pests that wander into your home uninvited and unannounced. You can compare these insects to that neighbor you regret giving a key to!

When you see black ants in your driveway or on your sidewalk, you can bet that they will eventually make their way into your home. That is why it’s best to catch them early when you start to cockroach eatingsee those ant hills outside your home. Upon finding ants in your home, even if it is just one ant, it is a good time to do a deep cleaning and check on your pantry. Double-check to ensure there is no extra food laying open, chip bags are shut, and the crumbs are swept up off the floor. This will make your house less attractive to ants.

And then comes cockroaches – the pest that everyone dreads. They are arguably the most disgusting looking of them all, and on top of that, they cause real health problems if too many of them make it into your home. Again, it is important to remember that one cockroach doesn’t indicate an underlying problem right away, but if you see one, it is better to immediately take preventative measures than hope no other ones show up.

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