West Newbury

Lawn Care in West Newbury

Lawn Care in West Newbury

First settled as part of nearby Newbury, West Newbury is known for its many hills and affordable farmland. As a local, family-owned business, Sea of Green has been serving the North Shore since 1992. Our mission is to provide trusted and knowledgeable lawn care with minimal impact on the environment. We will work hard to make your lawn healthy and lush while leaving you time for what matters most to you.

When you partner with Sea of Green for our 6-application lawn care program, you will receive:

  • Pre-emergent weed control to stop weeds such as crabgrass and dandelions before they can take hold.
  • Insect inspections at each visit to catch and treat issues, including grubs, in a timely manner.
  • Soil pH balancing using granular lime treatments.
  • The option to add moisture management applications of Hydretain, which helps combat drought stress during the height of summer heat.

Lawn Fertilization in West Newbury

Fertilization is an essential part of lawn care. Our lawn fertilization treatments are tailored not only to the season of application but also to the condition of your turf. Our customized treatment schedule gives your grass the nutrients it needs to become green, develop a strong root system, and thrive in the ever-changing Massachusetts weather conditions.

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Aeration and Seeding in West Newbury

Aeration and Seeding in West Newbury

If you are seeing signs of puddling, discoloration, or thinning grass, it is a good indication that your soil has become compacted. Although we offer aeration and seeding throughout the year, the best time to perform it is in the fall to allow for crabgrass pre-emergent treatments in the spring. As part of seeding, we will take your turf type and lawn conditions into account for seed selection. Benefits of aeration include increased absorption of water and nutrients and more room for grassroots to grow, leading to improved turf health.

Flea and Tick Control in West Newbury

Fleas and ticks like to hide in shrubs, trees, landscape beds, garages, and anywhere else they can. Once they enter your home, these disease-ridden insects are hard to evict. The flea and tick control offered by Sea of Green is a preventive treatment designed to keep these blood-sucking pests out of your yard. You will receive 4 applications of our mostly organic products that target every development stage, ensuring your family and pets can roam freely without worry.

Mosquito Control in West Newbury

Everyone can agree that mosquitoes are unwelcome in our yards and at our summer gatherings. In addition to the annoyance of their red, itchy bites, they commonly transmit many dangerous viruses, the most common in our area being West Nile Virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis. Sea of Green’s expert mosquito control will allow you to enjoy outdoor living all summer long.

When you trust our experienced mosquito exterminators, you can expect:

  • Recurring visits from June until October, adjusted based on the mosquito population each season.
  • Tailored treatments to fit your needs.
  • The option of standard or organic treatment programs.

Are you tired of guessing if you’re doing everything you can for your lawn? Contact Sea of Green today to hand over control and have the best lawn you’ve ever had.