Plant Care Programs

Take Care of Your Landscape Plants Today!

Our landscape plant care program can include anything that your landscape plants need. Things like fertilization, insect and disease control, anti-desiccant, and even deer protectant. The Sea of Green team will never apply any unnecessary treatments to your landscape plants, that is why we will have our expert team come out to assess your property before we work with you to devise a plan.

Due to the uniqueness of each landscape, Sea of Green has steered clear of creating a “standard” program in this area. Instead, we strive toward an individualized plan of action for your needs. If you are unsure of whether or not your landscaping is in need of some plant care, head to our contact page to send an inquiry our way!

Available Landscape Plant Care Treatments:

Available Landscape Plant Care Treatments:
  • Fertilization insect control
  • Mulch bed weed control
  • Landscape weed control program
  • Disease control
  • Anti-desiccant (due to cold weather and broadleaf evergreens)
  • Dormant oil (two treatments)
  • Deer protection

Some of these treatments are even offered in organic materials to ensure the safety of you and the environment around you. The Sea of Green landscape plant care generally begins in April and goes through November, although it does depend on the finicky weather in Massachusetts.

If you are interested in knowing more about what you need for your turf and our organic options for landscape plant care, we’re the right people for you. Although not every landscaping will qualify for organic options, contact us today to know if you will!

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