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Sea of Green Lawn care was established in 1991 in Byfield, Massachusetts. We have spent the past quarter of a century providing the residents of this city and the surrounding area with nothing less than impeccable lawn care services. If you want convincing proof of our reliability and consistency in delivering quality lawn care, you need look no further than our client base. Of our current roster of over 1,000 customers, a significant number of them have been with us for many years, some since the first few years of our business. Today, we also service some of their children who have grown up to have families and lawns of their own. We have now spanned more than a generation, and continue to look after the health of the valuable investments that are your lawns and landscapes. Our key services include:

●    Lawn fertilization
●    Weed control
●    Insect and disease control
●    Tick control
●    Perimeter pest control
●    Mosquito control
●    Tree and shrub care
●    Landscape bed care
●    Lawn aeration

We know the species of grass and plants vary with individual properties. Also, the preferences of our customers are also different. Part of what makes us stand out is our ability and willingness to tailor and adjust our application programs to fit your desires and the needs of your lawn and landscape.

The ownership and staff at Sea of Green Lawn care brings to each of our customers a world of experience. Our two owners began this business together after working for Chemlawn for a number of years. The new venture began with just one truck, and the rest is history. A long history of great local lawn service.

There are several other advantages we bring to the table when you come to us for lawn care. In addition to our experience, we take pride in being exceptionally knowledgeable. Knowledge is power, and an outstanding tool to solve problems. We strive to continually educate ourselves, staying abreast of the advancements in our field. And we also like to educate our customers as well. It helps them make informed decisions on how to best proceed with us in applications. Also, it puts them at ease when they know why we go about accomplishing certain tasks in a particular way. Whether it is a lawn spraying service, mosquito control, or lawn fertilization, we are more than qualified to answer any of your questions, or address any concerns our customers bring to us.

Our company also carries a wide variety of lawn care products, ensuring we have something that is certain to work with the needs of your plant life, as well as your desires. If you want to go the organic route, or if you prefer synthetic, we can accommodate either. We use both liquid and granular products as well.

The team at Sea of Green Lawn care has been doing our part to keep neighborhoods around the Byfield region beautiful with our outstanding lawn care services along with tree and shrub care. We would love the opportunity to add you to our base of loyal, long term customers. Our record speaks for itself. Since our inception, we have never had to refund money due to poor quality work. We will continue our impeccable record with you. For the best in quality lawn care, give us a call or visit our contact page.