Lawn Care Treatment Programs

Sea of Green has a lawn care program that is all-encompassing when it comes to everything you need for your turf. Our program is designed to provide complete care for things like weed control, turf growth, pH levels, and the overall health of your lawn and soil.

Treatment Schedule

Treatment Schedule

Early Spring
This includes a pre-emergent weed control treatment that prevents early growing weeds such as crabgrass and dandelions from taking hold of the lawn. Your turf will also receive its first lawn fertilization application. We can also apply the weed control products in your landscape beds.

Early Summer
The second fertilization treatment is given, which is a gradual release product. A weed control product that focuses on dandelions and clover will also be laid down. At this time, we also inspect for any potential insect invasion.

When hotter temperatures arrive, it is especially important that your grass receives a steady supply of nutrients to counteract the stress of the heat. Your lawn will receive a slow-release fertilizer, insect, and grub control products will be applied if it is warranted, and the same applies to weed control.

Late Summer
Another treatment of fertilizer will be given, as well as the spot controlling of weeds. We will continue to closely inspect your lawn for any insect or grub problems.

As the temperatures moderate, and precipitation increases, your grass will no longer be challenged by the heat and will resume growing at a faster rate. To boost this period of rapid growth, your lawn will receive more fertilizer, and will result in deeper root growth, and hence, turf that will be healthier and naturally more disease resistant. Any weeds that might remain are again dealt with by spot control.

Lime Application
As the year goes on, the pH of your soil will naturally drop due to a variety of factors, such as rainfall removing the calcium, and the acidic content of fertilizer. At this time, we will introduce a granular lime application, to adjust your soil’s pH to its optimal level of alkalinity, which will prepare it for growth beginning the next spring. Customers who have soil that becomes acidic exceptionally quickly may require a spring lime treatment as well.

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Moisture Management

This a program we put together to help during the summer months when drought stress is at its height. This is a two-treatment program that is applied during the early and late summer. Sea of Green uses an organic granular product called Hydretain that helps create more readily available moisture to the roots in your turf’s soil.

Due to the heat, drought stress on turd has become more and more prevalent each year, and Sea of Green has seen great results since we have started offering our moisture management program. The Hydretain product has been proven to provide benefits such as:

  • Minimize drought stress
  • Lower utility bills
  • Avoid watering restriction fines
  • Increase seed germination
  • Save time and labor
  • Improve transplant success
  • Eliminate localized dry spots
  • Conserve water resources
  • Improve nutrient uptake

By choosing Sea of Green to implement our moisture management program for your ornamental trees and shrubs, turfgrasses, and plants, you’ll even be able to save money on your water bill by cutting down the frequency you use your sprinkler systems.


Revitalizing Your Turf

Aeration and overseeding can be incredibly beneficial to your soil and lawn. This service is only offered to those on previous lawn care programs. With our years of experience, we have gained the experience and knowledge to recommend that our customers choose this service in the fall months, meaning the beginning of September through the middle of October.

While we are happy to offer this service any time a customer prefers it, the fall application has been proven to be far more beneficial to your lawn, so Sea of Green recommends fall aeration to enhance the benefits. Our lawn care experts will aerate your turf in multiple directions and will use the unique seeds for your turf. Depending on your landscaping and turf type, different parts of your lawn may even need different seeds (i.e. sun-facing versus shaded), and our team will ensure we have the proper materials for your needs.

No matter when you need your turf aerated and seeded, the experts at Sea of Green are ready to tackle your turf now!

The Benefits of Aeration and Seeding

Both spring and fall aeration and seeding have their benefits, but one of the benefits of waiting until fall to have this service performed is having the opportunity to prevent crabgrass with pre-emergent in the spring. When aeration and overseeding are performed in the spring, pre-emergent cannot be applied.

Fall aeration also allows for protection from the harsh Massachusetts winter, creating a path for better airflow, nutrients, and the last few waterings of the season to be fully soaked in before the snow covers the yard for an undetermined amount of time.

Does your turf need some serious attention and help with ensuring it gets the proper nutrition it needs? Call Sea of Green today!