Lawn Aeration and Overseeding

Expert Aeration and Overseeding Services

Aeration and overseeding can be incredibly beneficial to your soil and lawn. Sea of Green is proud to offer both aeration and overseeding as a package. With our years of experience, we have gained the experience and knowledge to recommend that our customers choose this service in the fall months, meaning the beginning of September through the middle of October.

While we are happy to offer this service any time a customer prefers it, the fall application has been proven to be far more beneficial to your lawn, so Sea of Green recommends fall aeration to enhance the benefits. Our lawn care experts will aerate your turf in multiple directions and will use the unique seeds for your turf. Depending on your landscaping and turf type, different parts of your lawn may even need different seeds (i.e. sun-facing versus shaded), and our team will ensure we have the proper materials for your needs.

No matter when you need your turf aerated and seeded, the experts at Sea of Green are ready to tackle your turf now!

The Benefits of Aeration and Seeding

The Benefits of Aeration and Seeding

Both spring and fall aeration and seeding have their benefits, but one of the benefits of waiting until fall to have this service performed is having the opportunity to prevent crabgrass with pre-emergent in the spring. When aeration and overseeding are performed in the spring, pre-emergent cannot be applied.

Fall aeration also allows for protection from the harsh Massachusetts winter, creating a path for better airflow, nutrients, and the last few waterings of the season to be fully soaked in before the snow covers the yard for an undetermined amount of time.

Does your turf need some serious attention and help with ensuring it gets the proper nutrition it needs? Call Sea of Green today!