Lawn Care in Haverhill

Sea of Green Lawn Care provides superior lawn care customized to your specific needs and grass type. Our comprehensive program offers meticulous care for the things that matter most, such as lawn fertilization, weed control, grass growth and color, and maintaining proper soil pH levels to bring out the best in your Haverhill lawn.      

Lawn Care Treatment Schedule 

Our lawn care treatment schedule is robust and provides lawn fertilization when your lawn needs it. An overview of the high-quality service you can expect includes the following seasonal care components:

  • Early SpringPre-emergent weed control to prevent crabgrass and dandelions from taking root. An early fertilization application makes up for any winter nutritional losses. 
  • Early Summer – Just before things really heat up, we provide a gradual-release fertilizer treatment. Dandelion and clover weed control products are sprayed. An insect invasion inspection can be expected to safeguard your grass. 
  • Mid/Late Summer – To help your lawn handle the stress of the hot days, two additional nutritious lawn fertilizer treatments are applied. Insect and grub control products are spread as needed to protect your lawn’s delicate blades and root systems. 
  • Fall – As temperatures drop and rain increases, your grass will grow rapidly. To boost growth and disease resistance, another fertilizer treatment is provided. Any remaining weeds are sprayed for spot control. 
  • Lime Application – During the fall season, your soil has likely lost nutrients such as calcium and has increased acidic pH levels. Granular lime applied to your lawn will restore its nutrition and proper pH balance for the colder months ahead and prepare for next spring!

Call Sea of Green today for lawn care that delivers outstanding year-round results!

Aeration and Seeding in Haverhill

Sea of Green offers an annual fall aeration and seeding package that provides a multitude of benefits for your lawn and soil. Over time, seasonal changes, thatch build-up, and general wear and tear can make your lawn compressed and your soil hard. These factors can suffocate your lawn and cause soil to lose its ability to deliver nutrients to root systems that support your turf. Grass simply can’t grow well in this environment. Our team of lawn care experts will aerate your lawn in multiple directions and spread a variety of turf-specific seeds (ie. full sun vs shaded) to meet the needs of your particular lawn.

The Benefits of Lawn Aeration and Seeding Include:

  • Sunlight, water, nutrients, and oxygen can reach your lawn’s roots.
  • More efficient irrigation with less pooling, saving you money.
  • Breaking up thatch build-up so your lawn can breathe.
  • Weed control as pre-emergent weeds and crabgrass are prevented from germinating. 
  • More effective fertilizer treatments.
  • Protection from the harsh winter elements. 
  • Enhanced thickness, health, and durability from seeding treatments. 

Schedule your fall (September/October) appointment today! Our team is ready to revitalize your lawn!

Flea & Tick Control in Haverhill

Fleas and ticks increase in numbers as the Massachusetts weather gets warmer. At Sea Of Green Lawn Care, we care about protecting you, your family, and your pets from the hazards and stress of pests on your property. Our program takes a proactive approach to flea and tick control with preventative treatments that are applied throughout the summer months. As ticks spread dangerous diseases, we focus on eradicating ticks at every stage of the life cycle. With four strategically timed visits, few ticks survive so you can comfortably enjoy the great Haverhill weather. Our flea control treatments further protect your pets to keep them comfortable and pest free!

Who Should Consider Tick Treatments?

Ticks love moist environments. You should consider tick control solutions if your property is surrounded by wooded and grassy areas, bushes, or landscape beds, which leave the opportunity for getting bitten. Although ticks live outdoors, they can easily hitch a ride on a person or pet and be transferred indoors. The danger of getting bitten and being infected with Lyme disease in your own backyard is very possible. 

Broad Organic-Based Perimeter Protection from Ticks & Fleas

Sea of Green will target the areas where ticks hide. Our technicians apply tick control treatments four times a year from early April until late November, with about eight weeks between treatments for maximum effectiveness. We use eco-friendly and organically based products where applicable to keep you and the environment as safely protected as possible. 

Mosquito Control in Haverhill

In Massachusetts, mosquitoes carry diseases that can make you or your family sick. A challenging scenario exists where you want to enjoy the outdoors in the warmer months but fear the viruses that some mosquitoes carry and can transfer with one bite, such as Eastern Equine Encephalitis and the West Nile virus. The best protection is to avoid getting bitten in the first place. Sea Of Green offers a mosquito control program that focuses on the mosquito-prone areas in your yard so you can enjoy your yard all summer long. Our treatments begin in June and end in the early weeks of October for complete seasonal coverage. 

As a leading eco-friendly Haverhill mosquito exterminator, our program offers synthetic and organic mosquito control solutions. You can trust Sea of Green to keep you and your family safe, so you can enjoy the outdoors worry-free. 

As a family-owned business since 1992, we take pride in our work and our relationships with our many Massachusetts customers. Our goal is to keep your yard beautiful and safe so you can enjoy the outdoors. 

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