How To Get Your Massachusetts Yard Ready For Summer

A lot goes into maintaining a gorgeous yard. Thankfully, Sea of Green Lawn Care has the solution. Our plant care program takes a holistic approach and tackles all of the common issues we see with Massachusetts gardens.

The Ultimate Plant Care Treatment Plan

While we customize our plans based on the individual needs of each property owner, these are the common treatments we recommend to keep your yard looking fabulous all summer long.

Weed Control Treatment

Controlling weeds can be challenging. You need to knock them out without harming the flowers, ornamental trees, shrubs, or your turfgrass. We accomplish this through two different methods of weed control measures. Rest assured, our products are safe for your mulch beds and overall landscaping.fertilizer being spread by a spreader

Pre-emergent Weed Control

The first step to tackling weeds is eliminating them before they have a chance to germinate. That’s where pre-emergent weed control comes in. This product gets into the soil and stops the spread of weeds before they choke out your flowers and tangle up your garden.

Post-emergent Weed Control

If some weeds do sprout, don’t worry. We can spot-treat for weeds even after they’ve germinated with post-emergent weed control.

Disease Control

Our disease control sprays help prevent common diseases, especially those that affect ornamental trees and shrubs.

Leaf Spot

Leaf spot affects younger, recently planted trees more often than mature trees. This disease causes infected leaves to develop dark brown or black spots and fall off.

Tree Scale

Scale is actually an organism that likes to cover the bark of our trees and shrubs. They can be brown, white, or gray and have great camouflage, which is why they can go unnoticed until their damage is extensive. They like to suck the sap right out of the tree, which of course, damages the plant or even kills it.

Powdery Mildew

Powdery mildew can affect both lawns or plants – even when we’re diligent about lawn maintenance. That’s because this disease is carried by fungal spores on the breeze. While other diseases like moist environments, powdery mildew likes things hot and dry, which is why you see it often in the summer. Your plants will look like they’ve been covered in baby powder.

Dormant Oil For Pest Control

Also known as horticulture oil, this product is best applied now, in May, before summer arrives in full next month. This spray can be made of natural or synthetic materials. They are safe to cover on plants or trees, and they will prevent future pest infestations and kill off existing ones. Some common pests that dormant oil protects against are as follows.aphid


Aphids are incredibly small, lime-green bugs that love to ruin our day. Like tree scale, they will eat our plants by sucking out the plant juices. And they like to hide under the leaves of a plant, so you may not realize you have a problem. They’re very common, and there are several species, but the lime-green aphids are the most common. The dormant oil we apply will kill off aphids before they destroy your flowers, and it will also stop other problems. Aphids produce a sweet substance called honeydew, and when this substance gets on our plants, it can grow mold or mildew. So if the aphids don’t destroy the plant, the mold or mildew they attract might.


Horticulture oil is effective against common types of mites – particularly spider mites, who love to ruin our evergreen plants and fruit trees.

Rust Spot

Similar to powdery mildew, rust spot is carried by a fungal parasite that creates raised reddish-orange bumps that resemble rusty spots or blisters on the leaves of your plants.

Deer Repellent

By far, the largest pest – by size – is deer. Few things are more frustrating than discovering your garden is being eaten by these critters. You don’t have to set up a fence or reach for the hunting rifle. We can treat your yard with deer repellent to encourage them to steer clear – without harming them.

Get Professional Lawn Care Services Near Amesbury

Since 1992, the residents of Amesbury, Massachusetts, and the surrounding area have enjoyed lush, beautiful lawns and healthy, vibrant gardens thanks to the experts at Sea of Green Lawn Care. Our plant care program gives your floral friends everything they need, not just to survive the summer but flourish! To speak to an expert, or schedule an appointment, give us a call today at 978-465-8788, or you can reach us online, and we’ll get back to you soon!

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