Perimeter Pest Programs

Our Perimeter Pest Control Program

The perimeter pest control program at Sea of Green is designed to target all of the crawling pests outside of your home to ensure they won’t find their way into it. Nothing is worse than struggling with pests in your kitchen! We start with the first treatment in April when the weather first begins to turn sunny and the pests start to crawl around, looking for food. Once treatment is done, we will come back three more times over the course of pest season to ensure that your home is protected the entire warm season. Normally, the four treatments of this program will be wrapped up by November.

The goal of the perimeter pest control program is to provide a barrier around your home, with the intent of keeping pests out of your home for good. If you are a customer that utilizes our tick control and mosquito control programs, this might be the perfect additional protection that you need for your property.

Head over to our tick and mosquito control page to see what else we can offer you when it comes to pest control!

Sea of Green is Eco-Friendly!

Sea of Green is Eco-Friendly!

Part of our services includes making sure we take care of the environment when we have the opportunity to! For our perimeter pest control, Sea of Green uses EcoVia botanical products which have a wide variety of benefits for your property:

  • Includes researched, tested, and proven exempt plant oil-based insecticides
  • Proven to target structure-invading pests
  • No surface restrictions
  • Minimal risk to our flying friends like bees and butterflies

If environmental awareness is an important issue when it comes to your lawn and pest control, get in touch with us today! This is the perimeter pest control program for you!