How To Take Care Of Your Massachusetts Houseplants This Winter

How To Take Care Of Your Houseplants This Winter

You might think that because your houseplants are inside, you don’t need to do anything extra to help them survive the changing weather outside in Massachusetts. But, just like your plants outdoors, your indoor plants can be seriously affected by the cold temperatures and dry conditions that come with the winter season. No one likes to see their houseplants wither, and with just a few simple steps, you can make sure that your houseplants stay healthy all winter long. 

Make Sure Your Plants Are Getting Enough Light

Adequate sunlight is crucial for your houseplants during the winter. Because the amount of daily sunlight decreases at the end of the year, you may need to move your plants to sunnier spots to ensure they are getting enough light. South- or west-facing windows are good options. Make sure not to place your houseplants too close to the window to avoid getting too cold. 

If you feel like your plants need more light than you can give them naturally, you might also consider adding a few supplemental light sources as necessary. You should also make sure to turn your plants a quarter turn each time you water them to make sure that each section of your plant is getting the same amount of sun. Dust and other buildups on a plant’s leaves can also prevent your plants from soaking up light efficiently in the winter, so it’s a good idea to wipe off your plant’s leaves with a damp cloth as needed to prevent this problem. 

Trim And Prune As Needed

Winter is a great time to trim, prune, and repot plants. While succulents usually don’t need to be pruned, any woody or vining plants that you have will become dormant in the winter and can be easily trimmed and repotted. This process will improve a plant’s growth in the springtime and make sure it doesn’t become overgrown and unhealthy. 

Modify Your Plant’s Watering Schedule

Another important step in getting your houseplants winter-hardy is adjusting how much you are watering them. While you might think your plants need more water than normal because of the dryer conditions in the winter, they actually need less. Plants usually slow down their growth in the winter, so they don’t need as much water to keep up. Check to see if the soil an inch or two below the top is dry before you water to avoid causing root rot by overwatering your plants. Also, make sure you’re using room temperature water for your plants, so you don’t shock them with cold tap water.

Keep An Eye On The Temperature

Here in Massachusetts, our winter weather can bring cold temperatures that make us turn on the heater, but both cold and hot drafts can be harmful to your plants. Keep your plants away from windows, doors, radiators, and vents that can change the conditions around your plants. Maintaining a steady temperature is key to keeping your houseplants healthy throughout the winter. 

Don’t Add Extra Fertilizer

Another thing you might assume your plants need in the winter is additional fertilizer, but your houseplants won’t need any extra nutrients during the winter. The slow growth of your plant during winter dormancy means you can cut back on your fertilizer schedule or even stop fertilization if your plant is completely dormant or not growing at all. 

Make Sure Your Plants Have Adequate Humidity

With the dryer conditions that come with winter weather, your houseplants can suffer from a lack of humidity. Most plants prefer about 50% humidity levels, and keeping a humidifier near your plants can benefit both them and you. If you don’t have a humidifier, there are a few ways you can raise the humidity naturally. Group your plants near each other to take advantage of the transpiration process whereby plants release water into the air. Additionally, consider moving your plants to kitchens or bathrooms where humidity levels are typically higher or even placing a tray of water near your plants. 

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