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The coastline of New England is something to behold. It has a variety of villages, towns, and cities that overlook the Atlantic Ocean. From Rhode Island, to Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine, you can find a combination of eventful activity and quiet serenity. Among the towns along New Hampshire’s 18 mile share of this coastline, stands the tranquil town of Seabrook. Its oceanfront properties, along with the inland residences, are also a sight to see, some of them especially so because they are served by Sea of Green Lawn Care. Our business has not only helped maintain, but accentuated the natural beauty of the neighborhoods of southern New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts for the past quarter century. We will continue that tradition for years to come.

Located in Rockingham County, Seabrook is right near the border of Massachusetts. European settlers first arrived here in the year 1638. The early inhabitants were inspired by the landscape of the area when naming their new settlement. It was an area rife with salt marshes, and had many brooks running from those marshes and emptying into the Atlantic Ocean. Hence the name Seabrook. Though it was settled in the middle of the 17th century, it was not incorporated until over a century later, on June 3, 1768. Seabrook remains a small, coastline town of 8,693 residents over a 9.6 square mile area.

Though it is relatively small in population, Seabrook is very diverse in terms of business. It houses over 250 retail and commercial companies in a wide range of industries. There are companies as large as Wal-Mart, Teledyne, and Dinsmore, as well as many small, locally owned companies in manufacturing, as well as service businesses similar to Sea of Green Lawn Care. It is also home to the aptly named Seabrook Nuclear Power Station, which began construction in 1976, and has been operational since 1986.

Being a coastline town, the lodging and home rental industry is also well represented here. Seabrook offers many types of residences for rent that are on the water, or within a short distance. Condominiums, cottages, houses, and apartments are available for someone looking for an extended getaway to a fun, small town with an ample range of activities.

Though the ocean is certainly an attraction, Seabrook is also proud of its inland nature. It has a conservation commission that has engaged in restoration measures of the original marshes and brooks that helped provide the town with its name. The Science and Nature Center even offers tours through a one-mile distance of these preserved areas. They have also established a town forest with diverse tree and plant species, many of the types that Sea of Green Lawn Care can help you keep healthy on your property. 

Fishing is, of course, also not to be overlooked in a town on the ocean. Though the majority of their beachline consists of residential properties, Seabrook is also the location of the Yankee Fisherman’s Cooperative, which docks in their harbor area. Fish is not only brought in on a daily basis, but the coastal region is also grounds for lobster catching.

The Seabrook Community Center features a plethora of programs for residents of all ages. It has a basketball gym, a multi-purpose room for events and parties, two tennis courts, an outside playground, and a weight room.