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Sea of Green Lawn Care is happy to extend our lawn care services all the way up to where the green ends at the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. Nothing adds to the look near to the coastline than vibrant, healthy trees, plants, and an overall landscape picture that is of the highest standard. The town of Salisbury has a long history of beauty and plant cultivation. Bordering the great state of New Hampshire, the town has a lot to offer its residents and visitors, and we are proud to play a part in helping the residents of this neighboring town maintain its appeal.

The region that is now Salisbury, Massachusetts was originally the home of the Pentucket Native American tribe. In 1638, the first Europeans arrived to the area, and quickly established a settlement, naming it Colchester. When it was incorporated just one year later, the name was changed to Salisbury, the settlers taking the name of the town back in England. It was a heavily wooded area, with some salt marshes. They were subsequently cleared to make way for agriculture, which served as the main source of trade and economy for its founding days, and for nearly two centuries. Located in Essex County, and the northeastern point of the state of Massachusetts, the residents have an enviable beach and view of the Atlantic Ocean. Inside an area covering 17.9 square miles, 2.4 of which is inland water, the town has a population of 8.283 as of the 2010 census.

During the latter part of the 19th century, and the birth of the Industrial Revolution, the economy of Salisbury quickly changed. It became one of the early resort towns of the United States, with farms being replaced with restaurants, shops, and cottages. The coastline, and the area nearby was built up with arcades, hotels, and one of the earliest amusement parks. In the early 20th century, a hand carved merry-go-round as well as a roller coaster was erected. Though the old amusement park rides are long since gone from the town, having been replaced with houses and condominiums, the status as a resort town certainly has not changed. 

A major tourist attraction in the town is Salisbury Beach State Reservation. Opening in 1931, it covers 350 acres. It is the prime camping spot in the town, with the campground having 484 sites. The park goes right up to the ocean, with a 3.8 mile beach. The Merrimack River also runs through this park. Along with camping, the most popular activities here are swimming, boating, fishing, and nature watching. The most notable animals that are observed here are harbor seals, as well as many species of coastal birds.

For those looking for live music, a recently opened hot spot is the Blue Ocean Music Hall. Salisbury has a long tradition of live music going back to the era of its amusement parks. Opening its doors near the end of 2009, it has gotten rave reviews for being one of the best live music halls in northeastern Massachusetts. No matter what type of music you like, an artist of your preferred genres is bound to perform here at some point during the year. Apart from the stage and seating areas, it also contains two full bars, as well as food service. The Blue Ocean Music Hall is to music what Sea of Green Lawn Care is to turf and plants. We are carrying on the long tradition of natural beauty here in the region.