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Newton is a true New England town with tree-lined streets and many tranquil neighborhoods. As you are driving through this town, you can see the lush, verdant lawns and landscapes that stand as the foreground to many of these homes. Sea of Green Lawn Care makes it our mission to keep them that way, and also make sure their owners can enjoy a pleasant day outside on their lawns free of pests. We take our job in this community very seriously, and will do so for years to come.

Newton, New Hampshire was originally part of northern Massachusetts. It had been a section of two different cities in its previous state – Salisbury, and Amesbury – before getting linked to what is now South Hampton, New Hampshire. Three years after the Masonian land purchase, it became its own independent town, incorporated in 1749 under the name Newtown. The name was changed to Newton nearly a century later in 1846, and has kept its moniker ever since.

Today, the town of Newton covers just over 10 square miles, 0.2 of which is water. It has a population of 4,603 as of the 2010 census. With a moderate population density, Newton harbors a strong small-town ambiance with an abundance of natural beauty with a combination of open grassland and wooded areas.

Newton does not have its own independent public schools. Instead, its children attend the Sanborn Regional School District, which it shares with Kingston. In terms of higher education, many colleges are within relatively close driving range, including the University of New Hampshire’s Durham and Manchester campuses, Southern New Hampshire University, the Northern Essex Community College, and more.

A notable historical site in Newton is the Marshall House Museum. This was donated to the town in 1974, by the family of George S. Marshall. It contains many interesting artifacts, and is available for entry only by appointment through the Newton Historical Society. This organization holds its meetings at the Primary School Museum and makes a mission to collect artifacts and documents that are part of the town’s history.

Newton’s mixture of rural and suburban living makes it an attractive place to both live and visit. It contains a business community, yet has plenty of open land. It is also within close driving distance to the mountains, as well as the Atlantic Ocean. It is also only 44 miles from Boston, convenient for residents who wish to paint the town for the day.

A popular attraction where you can experience the nature in Newton is the Whispering Pines Campground. Set against a 255 acre lake, it is a resort for every level of camper. You can bring a tent and a sleeping bag, and roast marshmallows over a fire in the evening, after hanging out on their sandy beaches and swimming in the lake during the day. Or, for those that are not interested in roughing it, it has laundry, ice, and even a heated swimming pool. The grounds are also available to host waterfront weddings. Other popular water-related activities are boating and fishing, and there are plenty of picnic tables and a play area for the children. The beautiful trees, plants, and grassland that surrounds the lake can be a certainty at your home if you call on the Sea of Green Lawn Care Company to look after the health of your lawn and plant life.