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Newburyport, Massachusetts has for quite a long time been a tourist attraction to be reckoned with. Located on the North Coast area of the state, it consists of many woods and marshes, as well as a vibrant small town atmosphere with friendly neighborhoods. These residents take pride in their homes and property, and Sea of Green Lawn Care is happy to extend our service to make that happen. With us, the beautiful trees and grassy areas of the undeveloped areas can be replicated on your property, and will be consistently maintained for years. We hope to establish a long relationship with the people in this city with our consistent lawn care service.

In 1635, a settlement known as Newberry Plantation was formed, and was promptly incorporated into a town the same year, which is now the town of Newbury. 129 years later, in 1764, by decree of the General Court of Massachusetts, a section of the town was separated and named Newburyport. At the time, this section consisted of just a little over 1.6 square miles. Since that time, the city has grown substantially, both in population and in area. Now 10.6 square miles in area, its population has surpassed that of its parent town, at 17,416 as of the 2010 census, and relatively dense for a small town at 1,600 people per square mile. In 1851, the town of Newburyport changed their charter to a city, and has remained so ever since. 

During the 19th century, this city became an industrial powerhouse. It is located on the Merrimack River, and was a hub of shipping, shipbuilding, and fishing. The fishing fleet made its runs from the Merrimack River to Georges Bank. Silverware manufacturing was also one of the major industries, as well as firearms, most notably the Merrimack Arms and Brown Manufacturing Company. Today, those industries have largely disappeared from the city, including the shipping docks. Today, the economics of Newburyport are largely retail, recreation, tourism, and small businesses. They are also served by small businesses of nearby towns, such as Sea of Green Lawn Care. During the summer, one of the old historic mill buildings serves as the site for a farmer’s market.

Though the shipbuilding industry is no longer here, its historic business district remains. The Market Square Historic District, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, is comprised of small businesses with Federal style architecture. The area was rebuilt in 1811 after a large fire destroyed most of the buildings. It consists of homes, a market house, and the Custom House, which is now a museum. 

A major annual event in Newburyport is the Yankee Homecoming. This festivity was started in 1957 in an attempt to stimulate the local economy during a downturn. There are over 200 events that take place within this larger event that lasts eight days, which culminates in a fireworks show on the eve of the last day, followed by the parade, capping the event. It is the second oldest homecoming festival in the nation. Tourism is a major part of this economy for reasons such as this. In addition to this major event, the town puts on many festivals throughout the year, and both residents and visitors alike can enjoy swimming, fishing, and other water sports. What was once a shipping town has been replaced by recreational boating. The retail area downtown has many small boutiques, restaurants, as well as gift shops. The city also has extensive youth sporting leagues and activity programs, making the town a great place to live for children.