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If you enter the town of Merrimac, you will see what you normally imagine when you think of a small modern New England town. It is mainly residential with a small but vibrant downtown area, with a mixture of family owned businesses. Sea of Green Lawn Care can relate to the individual, hometown atmosphere in bringing the services of our family owned lawn care businesses to the neighborhoods of this small town on the state border. Their turf, as well as the plants and trees that stand with it, can benefit from our knowledge, experience, and dedication.

Before coming into its own, the territory that is now the town of Merrimac changed hands twice. When it was originally settled in the year 1638, it comprised a section of Salisbury, and then went on to be annexed to Amesbury. It did not receive its own independent charter until 1876. Located in Essex County, it is right on the Massachusetts – New Hampshire border. However, even before it became a town in its own right, this section of Massachusetts became renowned across the globe for its making of horse carriages. The area’s economy morphed quickly into manufacturing after the advent of the Industrial Revolution. During the previous two centuries, fishing and agriculture were the backbone of the town, along with some shipbuilding. When it finally split from Amesbury and incorporated itself into a town, it took its name from the Native American tribe that previously hunted and fished in the area. 

Today, Merrimac occupies 8.8 square miles leading up to the border, 0.4 of which is water. As of the 2010 census, it has a population of 6,338 residents. It is buttressed against the Merrimack River, which spans 117 miles, and has provided convenient means of transport of goods, as well as serving as the body of water for many shipbuilding towns and cities around the area.

A member of the Merrimack Valley Library Consortium, the Merrimac Public Library is located in the heart of town. They offer a wide range of materials from CD-ROMs, Internet access, newspapers, books, entertainment materials, and also host special educational related events.

Though Merrimac is quite close to the Atlantic Ocean, a freshwater body also serves as a popular recreational attraction. Lake Attitash is on the border of both Merrimac and Amesbury, and attracts not only residents, but many tourists throughout the year. Swimming and boating are the two most seen water activities, along with some fishing. Once a natural pond, it has undergone man-made enlargement, now covering 360 acres. Surrounding the lake are many cottages with beautiful, cultivated landscapes. Sea of Green Lawn Care aims to serve the residents and owners of these properties in keeping them green, thick, and healthy.

Merrimac Square is the center of the downtown area. It is where most of Merrimac’s main annual city sponsored events take place. An example of this is the Merrimac Old Home Days festival, which takes place in the summer. Locally owned businesses from around the area promote and sell their wares. Side events include miniature golf, a slide, and animal exhibits.
On the west side of this small town stands the Merrimac Town Forest. It is an exceptionally thick wooded area with a diverse range of tree species, many of which Sea of Green Lawn Care has extensive experience in caring for on the properties of homeowners.