Lawn Care Byfield MA

For almost every homeowner, their lawn will be the largest part of their landscape by area. It has the ability to provide both a wonderful foreground and canvass for the other trees, shrubs, and flowers that make up the total picture. However, in order for it to serve that purpose, it has to be properly maintained. A lawn that is well kept can be an aid in making it easier for the other flora to stay healthy, and can actually raise the value of your property. The measures that are taken to maintain a lawn fall into two basic categories – nutrition, and pest and disease control. Each plays a role in helping the other. Nobody in the Byfield area understands this better than Sea of Green Lawn Care. 

Our lawn care program is done in six steps, which begins with the spring thaw. It is important to begin as soon as possible, so your grass will get the jump on anything that may be a threat. We space the treatments out evenly, with it ending in late fall, where we prepare it for the winter’s dormancy.

●  1st step, early spring: A pre-emergent weed control treatment that prevents early growing weeds such as crabgrass and dandelions from taking hold in the lawn. Your turf will also       receive its first lawn fertilization application. We can also apply the weed control products in your landscape beds.

 2nd step, early summer: The second fertilization treatment is given, which is a gradual release product. A weed control product that focuses on dandelions and clover will also be laid down. At this time, we also inspect for any potential insect invasion.

●  3rd step, middle summer: When hotter temperatures arrive, it is especially important that your grass receive a steady supply of nutrients to counteract the stress of the heat. Your lawn will receive a slow release fertilizer, insect and grub control products will be applied if it is warranted, and the same applies to weed control.

●  4th step, late summer: Another treatment of fertilizer will be given, as well as the spot controlling of weeds. We will continue to closely inspect your lawn for any insect or grub problems.

●  5th step, early autumn: As the temperatures moderate, and precipitation increases, your grass will no longer be challenged by the heat, and will resume growing at a faster rate. To boost this period of rapid growth, your lawn will receive more fertilizer, and will result in deeper root growth, and hence, turf that will be healthier and naturally more disease resistant. Any weeds that might remain are again dealt with by spot control.

●  6th step, late autumn: As the year goes on, the pH of your soil will naturally drop due to a variety of factors, such as rainfall removing calcium, and the acidic content of fertilizer. At this time, we will introduce a granular lime application, to adjust your soil’s pH to its optimal level of alkalinity, which will prepare it for growth beginning the next spring. Customers who have soil that becomes acidic exceptionally quickly may require a spring lime treatment as well.

Sea of Green Lawn care is willing and able to adjust our product use to your preferences. If you desire only organic fertilizers, they will be used.

The record of our lawn care program speaks for itself. Customers come back to us year after year – in fact, many do so decade after decade, because we provide the best lawn care services in the area of Byfield. Please give us a call today!