Aeration East Byfield MA

When it comes to keeping up a lawn, there are many tasks that most people are highly aware of.  Everyone knows that lawns must be periodically fertilized for maximum nutrition, because their soil may be deficient in a few areas. The need for watering, of course, is very obvious. However, there is another task of nearly equal importance that a substantial number of people may overlook. That is lawn aeration. While the initial results may not look attractive – seeing plugs of dirt all over your lawn is not the most appealing sight in the world, the benefits of doing so are far reaching. The short answer is, aeration is what enables your lawn to better take in the water and fertilizer that is laid down on top of it. Around the area of Byfield, Sea of Green Lawn Care provides our customers with reliable and thorough lawn aeration, year after year.

As time goes by, rainfall, walking over a lawn from mowing and recreational activities, and other factors contribute to the soil becoming more compacted. If the soil remains too tightly packed, it begins to act like a barrier to penetration. Water will run off instead of soaking into the topsoil. Fertilizer, likewise, will have more difficulty permeating. The roots will thus have more difficulty deepening due to both poor nutrition and tunneling through the compacted soil. Aeration has the effect of loosening the soil, relieving the compaction, and making room for both water and nutrients to easily get to the roots, resulting in much healthier growth and color.

At Sea of Green Lawn Care, we use the core aeration technique as opposed to spike aeration. We also do not use riding aerators, opting instead for the push walk-behind models. Core aeration removes plugs of soil, rather than just pushing it to each side when making a hole. These removed plugs enable another added benefit – they make room for new seed to be planted. We strongly recommend overseeding after lawn aeration. Our company rarely does lawn aeration without overseeding afterwards. The results of our recommendations will speak for themselves. The new seed will result in a substantially thicker lawn. And a thicker lawn makes it more difficult for weeds to take root, and also inhibits pests such as insects, disease, and will be better equipped to withstand droughts. If you have exceptionally thin or diseased spots in your yard, we can use our slice seeder for maximum results.
While it might seem feasible to do lawn aeration at any time, it is best for your grass if this job is done in the fall. Because of the temperatures and the precipitation levels, the autumn season is when root activity is highest. It is at its second highest in the spring. However, the spring is also when pre-emergent weed control products are applied. If those products are on your lawn, it cannot be seeded at that time. 

If you have not scheduled an aeration and overseeding visit for over one year, then it is time for you to have this done. The importance of lawn aeration cannot be overstated for the long term health of your grass. Sea of Green Lawn Care would be very pleased to have the privilege of providing you with this most critical lawn care service. Serving the area of Byfield, give us a call today for more information or to schedule a visit.